All pasta Dinners are served with your choice of a Dinner Salad or a Cup of our own homemade Soup and garlic Bread with Bruno's Sugo!

Angel Hair - Spaghetti - Linguini, Spinach Fettuccini - Gluten Free Penne

Served with your choice of:

  • Bruno's Sugo, (Italian Gravy) our own slow cooked red marinara sauce with Meatballs, Sausage or Combo (one of each). 
  • Alfredo Sauce, Bruno's own blend of rich cream and fresh grated cheese. 
  • Meat Sauce, made with beef and our own Italian pork sausage. 
  • Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Sauce, sundried tomatoes pureed with olive oil and fresh garlic.
  • Chicken Alfredo, broiled chicken breast with Bruno's Alfredo Sauce. 
  • Bruno's Fresco Sauce, tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, onions, olive oil, wine and chili flakes. 

Extra Meatballs or Italian Sausage Extra cup of Red Meat Sauce.
Sugo: Italian for "Gravy" Bruno's famous homemade Red Marinara.
All pastas are topped with our fresh grated blend of cheese.

Bruno's Lasagna

(no meat) made with layers & layers of our own rich blend of cheeses smothered with Sugo Lasagna with our hearty meat sauce.

Spinach & Artichoke Lasagna

This wonderful combination is alternately layered with Alfredo and Sugo and topped with Alfredo.


Ground Beef filled, or Spinach Cheese filled or a mix of both. Tortellini is served with your choice of Bruno's Sugo or Alfredo.


your choice of ground beef filled or Cheese filled or a mix of both. Ravioli is served with your choice of Bruno's Sugo or Alfredo sauce.

Linguini a la Carbonara

Linguini Sauteed with peppered Bacon and Chicken, rich cream and loads of cheese. Regular and small sizes available.


Traditional Italian classic, potato dumplings served with your choice of Bruno's Sugo, Alfredo or Fresco Sauce.

Chicken Florentine, Cannelloni

pasta tube filled with chicken, spinach and chesses, baked to perfection and topped with Bruno's Sugo.


Mostaccioli pasta sauteed with Bruno's own Italian sausage, green & red peppers, onions & tomatoes in a light red sauce. Regular and small sizes available.

Bruno's Mac & Cheese

With Alfredo Sauce, cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese, Penne Pasta, and topped with Bread Crumbs